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What Can Parents Do? · Be nice. Mean behavior is not OK. · Think twice before hitting "enter." Remind teens that what they post can be used against them. · Follow. 1. Educate yourself about social media · 2. Establish an age limit for your child to start using social media · 3. Regularly check your child's privacy settings. Advice on Social Media for Parents · Please find below some information on specific on-line platforms. This will help support you in keeping your children safe.

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Social Media Safety Tips For Your Children · Make sure your teen uses privacy settings that limit access to who can view her online profile. · Have your teen. Five social media safety tips for parents · 1. Understand the applications and social media sites your child is using · 2. Set rules for your child's social media. the internet, mobile phones and social media, As a parent and carer, you are your child's first role Top tips for positive and respectful online.

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While social media is usually a regular part of a young person's life, it's good to know that your child is staying safe · Talking to your child about the risks. A guide for parents Social media · Have conversations from a young age · Lead by example · Ask your child about the apps and websites they use · Set boundaries -. Get advice about Social Media from Common Sense Media editors. 4 tips for families on balancing the risks and rewards of online communities.