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In a segment that can attract buyers seeking anonymous point-to-point transportation, the Mazda 6 offers elegant design and engaging handling. It feels quick. The Mazda6 is a poster child for the woes of the medium-sized car market, as its sales wither on the vine under the sustained fire of the SUV onslaught. The Mazda6 is a true driver's car. By integrating the drivetrain chassis even the seats Mazda Skyactiv technology brings the car and driver together as one. The.

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Compared with tall SUVs, the Mazda6 is certainly the sportier option, with sleek styling and great handling. Mazda has also done a good job of keeping its. Mazda has turbocharged and intercooled its smooth litre four-cylinder engine and, in the search for efficiency, also equipped it with direct injection (a. The Mazda 6 is available in eight variants, is classed as a MEDIUM UP TO 60K and is built in Japan. It uses Unleaded Petrol fuel. The Mazda 6 is sold with.

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Reviews · Review. Mazda6 SKYACTIV-G PS review. RATING 72/ · Mazda6 review. Review. Mazda6 review. RATING 76/ · Mazda6 Tourer review. Review. Mazda6. "The Mazda 6 is good enough to potentially tempt you away from one of those SUVs everyone else is buying. And if you like your family car with a bit of driving. The 6 is one of very few family saloons that is genuinely fun to drive, with sporty road manners and some impressive engines that do a fine job of combining.