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uF 35V Capacitor 36x18mm products reasonable price, fast shipping options with a uF capacitor category of Turkey's largest electronic component. Samwha miniature aluminium electrolytic capacitors offer high reliability and long life ( hrs) with high ripple current at high frequency and excellent. Conductive Polymer Hybrid Capacitors · SMD Aluminum Electrolytic · Leaded Miniature Aluminum Electrolytic · Flame Retardant.

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Radial Rated Voltage: 35V DC Capacitance: 47µF µF Tolerance: 20% El-Capacitor 47uF 35V 6,3x11mm P2,5 El-Capacitor uF 35V 18x35mm P7,5. Miniature uf 35v 85 degree general purpose radial lead aluminium electrolytic capacitors which can be directly mounted in to PCB circuits or used. Capacitance: uF / mf; Voltage: 35V; Tolerance: ±15%; Size: 16 x 35mm; Lead Spacing (Pitch): mm; Temperature: +85°C Max; Type: Radial Electrolytic.

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Home > Capacitors > NICHICON NUF35VR RADIAL ELECTROLYTIC CAPACITOR UF 35V C (40MM X 18MM) LOW ESR H MFR# UPW1VMHD. Type: electrolytic · Polarity: negative and positive terminal · Capacitance value: uf · Voltage value: 35V · Temp. range: 40° C to ° C · Offer long life. uf 35V capacitor · Description · Reviews · Related products · uF V Capacitor · uF 25V Capacitor · 22nf Capacitor · uF 25V capacitor.