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Submit all of your questions about Judaism, and get them answered by real Rabbis. Ask My Question. Recent Videos. Check out our recent video answers. How did you celebrate holidays (Jewish and/or secular)? What roles did the women in your family play in holiday preparations and observance? What special foods. 1. When and where were you born? · 2. Tell me about your parents and grandparents? · 3. Was anyone in your family a “pioneer”—that is, the first Jewish person in.

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A: The Torah is the central book of the Jewish people. According to tradition, the Torah was given to the Jews from God on Mount Sinai. The Torah contains the. Tough Questions Jews Ask turns that all around. With honesty, humor, and respect, Rabbi Edward Feinstein tackles topics as diverse as: Why does God let. The first and most comprehensive ask-the-rabbi site. Answered by people that care. Ask The Rabbi. For general or other inquiries, please click here.

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Century Christian. As a Jew who believes in Yeshua the Messiah I can easily ask the questions that many Jews have asked about Christianity for many centuries. Why do we keep kosher? Hasn't religion caused as much suffering as good? What happens after we die? The first Jew began by asking questions, finding answers. Download free Ask Big Questions Resources, including conversation guides, for diverse groups of Jewish students and students interested in Judaism.