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elements of a successful PCR. The inno- vative self-adhesive press-to-seal sealing film wins over with easy handling; it is not. Adhesive film for PCR plates. www.mgkip.ru More info. Description. Adhesive film in polyethylene for PCR plate x Case. Ask quotation. A clear polypropylene film with acrylic adhesive designed specifically for PCR. Offering high heat-resistance, strong chemical resistance, and a durable.

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Transparent peelable film with a strong adhesive layer, recommended for PCR Dimensions: x 80 mm Perforated sheets for tearing into 8 well strips (x12). Certified free of human DNA, DNase, RNase and PCR inhibitors*. PCR Film. Sample can be visually monitored through the transparent film. Plastic Smooth Edged PCR Film Applicator for Applying PCR Seals - PCR Supplies - Stellar Scientific.

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NEST Scientific PCR sealing film, Adhesive, x 81 mm, per pack, per Case. Mfr. Direct. $ $ *. Add To Cart. This PCR sealing film offers high performance for robotic applications and extreme conditions; Excellent seal minimizes evaporation and well-to-well cross. Non-permeable film,; Medical grade glue; Compatible with most PCR plates; Good sealing performance. Item Number, Item Description, PQ, Price, Qty Avail.