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How to save on personal import car insurance · Consider a specialist insurer · Increase your car's security · Limited use · Join a club · Advanced driving · Not. To import a vehicle, you must go through the Registrar of Imported Vehicles. Once you have imported the vehicle, you must register, license and insure it. Whether you're looking for parallel import car insurance or import insurance for an American or Australian car, Keith Michaels can help. Request a quote.


Getting insurance for your imported vehicle is best left to the specialists, here at we know and understand all the different models that. Our imported car insurance policies are jam-packed with features to keep you behind the wheel of your pride and joy. Get a quote today. Grey Import Car Insurance Grey imports are built outside of the EU and therefore do not have to conform to European build standards. These cars will have to.

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Just Car Insurance offered specialist car insurance for drivers and owners of high performance, imported and modified cars in Australia. “Congrats on getting your dream car—woohoo! The main thing you'll need to insure a Japanese import car is a type of car insurance called an agreed value. Importing a car can affect your car insurance for several reasons. One of the main issues is that imported cars tend to be higher spec. Not only does this mean.