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If your damages exceed the policy limits, you may have to fight for a payout straight from the dog owner. This is rare, however. Most dog bites are relatively. In most dog bite cases, the settlement is paid by the homeowner insurance company for the dog owner or keeper. If it is a business, the insurance liability. The most recent information that I have is from one insurance company. In , State Farm paid $ million dollars for 3, dog bite and injury claims. This.

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Nationwide, the average payout for a dog bite insurance claim is $44, However, this amount may be higher or lower, depending upon your state and your case's. Kevin: Like any case, compensation is based upon a variety of factors. With dog bites, in particular, many times we're talking about permanent scarring. The strict liability standard makes compensation for dog bite injuries easier to obtain in Arizona than in many other states. The statute of limitations for.

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What Economic Damages Can You Receive? · Medical expenses. You're entitled to reimbursement for medical expenses you incur due to a dog bite. · Lost wages. If you. That is the average amount of compensation that a victim receives when they file a claim for a dog bite in the State of Nevada. The average amount of what a. How much could I claim in dog bite compensation? · A minor hand injury could be worth up to £4, · Loss of a part of a finger could give you up to £7, · A.